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Solar Installation Training Video

Eight months in the making, now available!

Instructional videos are excellent tools, unlike class instruction, you always have clear video reference anytime you need it. It is easy to forget instructional class taught concepts such as inverter wiring and solar array configuration whereas our video has footage of real life solar installations for hands-on training and future reference.

A regular solar instructional class is a minimum one week course, costs thousands of dollars, and travel adds to the expensive. This course is taught by experienced professionals with over 45 years experience in the solar industry makes it a superior product, and more useful that instructional attendance by watching step by step comprehensive instruction in the comfort of your own home.

Videos cover multiple installations of over 320 hours of footage summarized into 2 comprehensive 4 hr. long videos and covers real world installation on all types of roofs including metal and shingle and all types of solar systems. Installations are shown using different inverters and presentations are shown using different panels and inverters making our course superior over most courses that only specialize in one installation and limited types of equipment. Class video instruction is also available and the details are shown in the solar installer training course outline. DVDs to be mailed also include solar marketing, solar design and solar estimation software. Instructors are NABCEP certified.

A professional certificate will be provided after purchase and completion of this course, the course will provide the needed groundwork for the NABCEP exam.

Two separate bonus videos are added showing more step by step solar PV clear and detailed footage on all aspects of solar including marketing, safety and cost analyses.

Similar classes cost over $2500 but this class and video cost just $375. This comes with an annual access to our consultants for discounted consulting for and type solar installation. Instead of the usual consulting price of $300 an hour members (video and class purchasers) you will only pay $45 for 30 minutes of phone consultation for any solar consulting need. Simply fill out our consultation form.

Consultation covers the following:

  1. Professional residential and commercial installation

  2. Solar sales to individuals and commercial

  3. Solar design

  4. Solar marketing

  5. Solar maintenance

  6. Solar business startup

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    Solar Consultation (Consultation form will be emailed after payment): $45

    Order now and help build a business or just expand your service offerings for your existing business!

    View a sample of the video.

    View the outline of the content of the training video.


    Solar Installation Training Video $375.00


 This comprehensive training program is available to you at the incredibly low price of $375.00.

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